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"Blockchain Assets 101" follows a rudimentary scientific study I made over 7 months of research while comparing trading stocks (6 months to 7 months), and Blockchain Assets (about 36 days).

Now before we begin, if you continue to read forward;
you agree that this is NOT financial advice from a banking or finance expert. 

Not a single person in our team is a CFP (certified financial planner), or lawyer, or banker, or broker, or an accountant.  (We are just "nerds" that found something really cool!)

You agree not to share these pages as our goal is to make this company one that gives 80% profit to charity by 2020.  The charities you would hurting should you not abide, are:  Wounded Warrior Project, Mozilla, Arizona Humane Society for our four legged friends, Feed The Children, and Childhood Cancer Network.

There is almost no recourse here; mostly karma and integrity.

Also, you agree that we are not liable for how proficient of a learner, or how self reliant the student is.

Also, you should not do this unless you have basic computer and technical knowledge.

(Basic computer and technological knowledge):

How to type, how to use a computer without any assistance (at least in a basic way), how to navigate 6 or more websites simultaneously, download applications, use any smartphone completely without any assistance, use a tablet without any assistance, and how to reset own password in under 15 minutes.  

Additionally, before continuing, If paying this miniscule price for this information is already weighing on your conscience, please stop reading this and instead, consider going to your bank or financial institution; asking to speak with their financial advisor.

Consider with them on how to lower your debt to income ratio, lower interest rates, or consolidating your debt.

If $10 or $25 is breaking the bank, perhaps investing should not be the priority.

Finally, if you are ready to continue learning, I congratulate you! 
You are the 2nd/ 3rd wave of early adopters.  Bravo!

This is only an educational course to teach you what other people are doing in this new, technologically driven investment world; how they are doing it, and the mistakes / successes along the way.  This is meant to help you save time and money; while avoiding misinformation and potentially harsh mistakes.

Our initial research team was a group of 3 that grew to almost a dozen collaborators.  We also have a secret group of 88 people on Facebook where we share information, and help each other learn.

In real life, I am a father of 2, my oldest is a Marine for the United States Marine Corps; and my youngest is 5 years old.  I started to plan saving money for our new house back in October of 2016; I met someone we will call "Sensei".  He was literally the smartest person I had met yet to date at work.  I would always go to him for the advanced technical issues I could not figure out myself.  (We work for a global, well known IT company).  With house being built by Feb (2 months delay), MCRD graduation coming up, trip costs, and life's costs; I was really worried how I was going to pay for all these upcoming bills.  I decided regardless of the 3 negative nay-sayers (other coworkers who didn't know any better), to go ahead and apply what I learned first hand myself.

I worked overtime and got a big bonus check from work in October and on Nov. 3rd, 2017, I started investing in Blockchain Assets.  
I will take you through what I studied over 7 months, what and how I traded over 6/7 months in stocks and how $10,000 profits was generated over 36 some odd days; as well as the mistakes I learned that cost me half of those gains.  I will also tell you how one of my teachers made $200,000 from less than $15,000 over 7 months.  

Additionally we will review how I plan on restarting with $0 shortly before Christmas time.